We Are Carbon Neutral.

We’re on a Mission

The average carbon footprint for one person living in the western world is approximately 16 tons of CO2e per year! We are proud that our brand strives to educate and inspire our customers to make conscious, informed choices about their health and the environment. We envision creating a healthier, more sustainable world. As Vedji continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources toward our values in order to maximize the positive impact of our products.

What does it mean to offset emissions?

It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items at Vedji we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount. It’s almost like we’re giving the planet an IOU, then immediately paying it back.

How does it work?

Now, each time someone buys an item from Vedji’s website, we will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets” through our friends at EcoCart. These purchases support an environmental project that decreases deforestation and pollution the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. On top of it, we make sure that this project is doing some extra good like supporting underserved communities, by providing access to clean water, improved education infrastructure, and better access to medical treatment.

Why is this important?

Vedji has always been conscious of our impact and actively worked to lighten our carbon footprint. We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier place.

What do you mean carbon neutral?

When we say we’ll be “carbon neutral” (“net zero” is another term you’ll hear), that means that we will eliminate, capture, or otherwise mitigate all of the carbon emissions we create from shipping our products to your door.

What is climate positive and how is it different from carbon neutral?

Climate positive is a step beyond carbon neutral. Let’s say a product emits 100 pounds of carbon on the journey to your door. Being carbon neutral means Vedji automatically offsets all 100 pounds of carbon. Climate positive means that when you check out, you’ll be able to offset an additional 100 pounds of carbon, bringing the grand total to 200 pounds of carbon being offset, creating a carbon negative or net positive impact.

Will this come at a cost to me?

Short answer, nothing. Vedji is covering the tab of providing 100% carbon neutral orders!

Just the Beginning

At Vedji, we are committed to slowing the effects of climate change, one order at a time.

Carbon offsets are a starting point—an immediate way to reduce our impact. Even though this is a moment to celebrate, we think that it’d be even better if we didn’t emit any carbon in the first place. To achieve this, we’re working to develop methods to become carbon negative in the near future.

Our Offset Project

Our offset project is Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project, which helps improve the daily lives of communities in the region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, from distribution of seedlings to farmers to diversify crops, to protecting endangered species of the forest elephants and bonobos.

A carbon offset purchase is a carbon neutral action towards the Global Improved Livelihoods Project.



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