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Essential Pack


Introducing our Essential Pack which includes one bottle of our Supreme Liquid Daily Multivitamin Formula, one bottle of our Liposomal Sun Water Vegan Vitamin D and one Liquid Measuring Cup that is designed to measure your daily serving of the Supreme Liquid. This bundle is perfect for you to enjoy both of our products daily and feel good saving money instantly.

1 x Supreme Liquid Daily Multivitamin ($59.99 value)
1 x Vegan Vitamin D ($32.99 value)
1 x Liquid Measuring Cup ($9.99 value)

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180 Day Guarantee

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Important Message from the Vedji Founder

Our supplements should be stored in a clean area of your refrigerator, away from direct sunlight. It is also essential to keep the cap screwed tightly when not in use to prevent leakage, and keep the supplements out of reach of children.

Of course! Our liquid multivitamin formula is potent with a tart berry flavor. You can mix your daily dose with your favorite smoothie to make it more tolerable for your tastebuds. Check out our smoothie recipes for inspiration.

We value the quality of our products. We have such a variety of fruits and vegetables in our Supreme Liquid that range in all colors. We will not compromise the quality just to make the formula look pretty by adding food dyes to make the color more attractive. We believe in quality over unnecessary additives.

Many vitamin D supplements on the market today contain lanolin, which is an extract from sheep’s wool. We don’t believe in using harvested wool to provide quality vitamin D for our customers, so we have vitamin D sourced from lichen.

Lichen is an algae that naturally contains high levels of vitamin D3. It’s a sustainable and ethical source of this essential nutrient, making it the perfect choice for those who want to avoid animal byproducts.

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